The American Budo Society is an organization of Independent Martial Arts Schools, Instructors and Students.  Our schools range from the traditional Martial Arts Styles to more recently developed systems, united together for Education, Information, and Safety.

The American Budo Society is a group of like-minded people whose primary goals are to:

  • Assist Schools with growth opportunities
  • Share knowledge openly
  • Expose members to different styles
  • Provide Opportunities to work with other high ranking instructors
  • Help our members!

American Budo Society members are free to practice Martial Arts in accordance with their own style and testing requirements. We encourage membership in multiple organizations.

We at American Budo Society enjoy organizational growth not only by the expansion of our own programs, but by the inclusion of new schools and instructors.

We would love to share our knowledge pool with you and your organization as well as learn from you. We look forward to hearing from you!